How You can support Us


We are pleased to now offer the option to sponsor one of our animals. By sponsoring an animal you will be helping to provide for their needs from feed to bedding plus a few extra treats. You will receive a photo of your chosen animal and some little gifts to say thank you. Minimum donation is £5 per month.
Choose from

Charlie – horse
Chester- horse
Harry- pony
Lady – pig
Squawk- barn owl
Moo moo and daisy – the cows
Ashleigh, whoosh and sweetie – the goats
Shelley and Kelly – the tortoises
Smokey and slinky – the ferrets

Please message me if you would like to sponsor an animal and I will get your details

Many thanks


We rely very heavily on donations to help cover the costs of running Happy Hooves. By donating you can help people get the support they may otherwise not be able to afford.

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