About Our work

Here at Happy Hooves we have a wide range of animals. This means we can offer a wide range of different animal based activities and can usually find at least one animal that visitors can form a happy relationship with. 

About Our Team

About The Animals

Some of our animals include; Clydesdale horses, goats, donkeys, owls, chickens, tortoises, ferrets, bearded dragons. the list goes on!


Adam and Steve are two donkey stallions who are half brothers. They are very friendly and love play fighting in the field.

Charlie and Chester are our two Clydesdale horses. These boys are big friendly giants and love being groomed or teaching people to long rein.

Harry is a very cheeky and clever boy who is loved by everyone. He is great fun to bath, groom and lead around obstacles.

Lilly is our littlest pony but a big character. She is great friends with Harry and loves going for walks and getting lots of fuss.



Lady is a Gloucester Old Spot pig. She’s very friendly and loves a back scratch or a belly rub. Her favourite thing is food.

Pumpkin is the youngest of our pigs. She is very playful and loves her treat ball. She is an oxford sandy and black.


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